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Reuben and Dr. Gilbert’s story

A man speaks excitedly to his doctor about the trophy Musky he landed. He describes each detail with enthusiasm as his doctor listens. This man, Reuben Schafer, recently turned his health around.

Reuben Schafer has always been an avid outdoorsman, spending much of his time enjoying the woods on his property, and fishing the river nearby. But over the years Reuben’s health began to decline and he no longer had the wherewithal to do the things he had always loved. In particular, his hip began causing him severe pain.

Reuben consulted Janet Gilbert, MD, of Ministry Medical Group regarding his hip, and together they decided Reuben was in need of a hip replacement. Through tests and discussions with Reuben, Dr. Gilbert determined that she would need to work with him to improve his health prior to surgery in order to reduce potential risks.

Reuben was pleased with Dr. Gilbert’s patience and upbeat approach to his treatment. From managing his high blood pressure, to diagnosing and treating his heart disease and lung nodule, Dr. Gilbert kept encouraging Reuben the whole way.

So now, as she sits and listens to this vibrant man recounting his fishing exploits, Dr. Gilbert feels a sense of reward for her work. Not only has she helped improve the health of her patient, she has also helped improve his life.

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