A child’s view on people & puppy care

Dr. Gonzalez-Cerra and Kaya’s story

A doctor listens to a little girl talk excitedly about her dogs. The little girl tells her all about what it’s like to take care of puppies. This little girl’s name is Kaya, and she loves going for checkups.

One of Kaya’s favorite things in the world is taking care of her puppies. Her family has five yellow lab pups, and Kaya is in charge of food, water, and lots of play.

She loves visiting Maria Gonzalez-Cerra, MD, at Ministry Medical Group in Eagle River and telling her all the latest updates about her dogs. Since Kaya is a bit of an expert on puppy care, Dr. Gonzalez-Cerra likes to swap expertise with her, asking Kaya questions and teaching her what goes into a good checkup.

So when it comes time for Kaya to share what she knows about puppies, Dr. Gonzalez-Cerra is all ears. She is learning what it takes to be a good pet owner, and Kaya is learning what it takes to be a good doctor.

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