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Jennifer’s story

Strawberries, rhubarb, tomatoes and all the vegetables you can eat – being able to raise her kids on the family farm is something Jennifer never takes for granted. And looking back on the days each of them were delivered, she’s glad she never took her medical care for granted either.

Having worked at Ministry before her pregnancies, Jennifer already knew the staff was top notch, so when she became pregnant with her first child, finding the right hospital was an easy choice. Jennifer says her first pregnancy was comparatively smooth – she never had morning sickness and her labor went along without any complications. For her second child, however, she was much more uncomfortable and had to be induced.

Throughout both pregnancies, Jennifer describes her care as absolutely wonderful, especially Dr. Abrams who wasn’t even on call at the time, but came in during her second labor to check on her. She was particularly impressed with the nurses and lactation consultants who helped put her at ease during her stay.

Now that her daughters are 2 and 5 years old, Jennifer has had some time to put her whole experience into perspective. She continues to care for herself by scheduling routine check-ups with her doctor each year. Standing in her garden with the girls, she looks out and see’s all the wide-open space around her. And looking back to the day each of them were born, she remembers what it was like to see a world full of possibilities that felt the same way.

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