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The Sass Family’s Story

It may be a puppet show, it may be a day camping in the woods, or it may just be another day playing in the park, but seeing her little boys smiling is one of Laura’s favorite things in the world. So when it comes to her family’s medical care, she’s glad they have a doctor that can keep the smiles coming.

Laura and her family moved to Woodruff about three years ago with a new baby. After weighing their options, they decided to choose Ministry Medical Group for their primary care. Over the years they’ve been so happy with their care, the entire family continues to go there for anything primary care related.

According to Laura, their personal and practical approach to medicine is what she enjoys the most. The staff knows just how to relate to the kids, even giving their teddy bear a check-up when they ask. And when she and her husband see Dr. Brett for wellness exams, Laura is continually impressed with the level of respect he shows them

Laura now has two active kids that she and her husband can’t get enough of. The moments she spends with her family are some of the most precious in Laura’s life. And thanks to the medical care they all receive at Ministry Medical Group, they have more of those moments to spend happy and healthy.

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