Lost 100+ pounds; ran half marathon at 60

Barbara’s story

A doctor listens as a woman describes the feeling she had after finishing a half-marathon. At 60 years old, she feels better than she ever has in her life. This woman’s name is Barbara Lepkowski, and she lost more than 100 pounds.

Barbara is a grandmother who loves playing with her grandchildren, but because of her weight, she was unable to keep up with them. She had concerns about high blood pressure and cholesterol and had to sleep in a chair to stay comfortable.

Barbara consulted with Ministry Medical Group in Stevens Point and decided that gastric bypass surgery would be a good option for her. Eventually, Barbara lost more than 100 pounds and is now active not only with her grandkids, but in every part of her life. She lauds her doctor for his knowledgeable approach and for his compassion.

So now, her doctor hears the pride in Barbara’s voice, and sees the energy in her face. He is reminded, as he often is in his job, that the people he helps may be losing weight, but they are gaining a new lease on life.

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