Finish line in sight

Kristin and Dr. O'Malley's story

A doctor on his daily run stops as he passes his former patient running in the opposite direction. She smiles and stops to share stories of her road to the finish line. This woman’s name is Kristin Miller, and not long ago she had a traumatic eye injury.

While doing some spring cleaning in her office, a piece of filing cabinet snapped off and sliced Kristin’s eye open in the center. She rushed to the ER and the ophthalmology department stitched her eye.

After having 11 stitches put in her eye, Kristin became very sensitive to light, and as she had been told would happen, five days later a cataract formed. Tom O’Malley, MD, her surgeon, waited for scarring to go down and then performed cataract surgery, after which he checked on her every day for a week. Since surgery Kristin has gone from 22/100 vision to 20/40 with contacts.

Dr. O’Malley, a Ministry Medical Group ophthalmologist in Stevens Point, was able to relate to Kristin through running, as they are both active runners. Kristin says she went from running 2-3 miles each day to completing a half-marathon with Dr. O’Malley’s encouragement.

So today, as they stop to talk, Dr. O’Malley is happy to see Kristin has made it past the finish line, and even happier to know she was able to see the finish line so clearly.

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