Bird watcher now a bird listener

Gerald and Dr. Grosskopf’s story

A man stops along the trail, the woods is teaming with life and he wants to take it all in. He looks up at the birds above him and listens to their song. This man is Gerald Augustine, and not long ago, he found a new way to hear.

Gerald loves nature, and is especially fond of bird watching. He loves the serene feeling of being surrounded by these beautiful creatures, but because of his hearing loss over the years, he had lost some of the experience he once enjoyed.

Because he is a Vietnam vet, Gerald was referred to Ministry Health Care through the VA. He was immediately impressed with the way Heidi Grosskopf, AuD, of Ministry Medical Group in Rhinelander dealt with his situation. Following an audiologic evaluation, they discussed his lifestyle and determined that a hearing aid might be a good fit. Gerald says Dr. Grosskopf treated him as an individual, trying to determine what he wanted out of the experience and helping him achieve it.

And now, along that path in the woods, Gerald thinks about what Dr. Grosskopf has given him. Today he is not just a bird watcher, today Gerald Augustine is a bird listener.

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