Growing without the pains

Stephanie and Char's story

A woman is standing outside in the sun, her laundry drying on the line as her chickens come to greet her. She is in her happy place. This is a typical day for Char LaRose, who not long ago, would’ve been in too much pain to enjoy living her country life to the fullest.

While moving some heavy objects, Char had injured her shoulder. She arrived at Ministry’s Howard Young Medical Center to begin physical therapy – an experience that wouldn’t just heal her shoulder but allow for the ability to be in tune with her body on a whole new level.

Char began therapy at HYMC’s rehabilitation department under the care of Stephanie Mikoliczak, DPT. Treatment involving neurological re-education and de-patterning proved successful. All goals were met or surpassed. Char spoke of the unbelievably positive impact Stephanie has had on her life. She can’t say enough good things about her level of commitment.

In the morning, as she steps outside, Char sees her life growing before her. A garden, farm animals, a self-sustaining lifestyle, and a community that appreciates it all. None of which would have been possible without Stephanie’s unyielding support.

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