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Leonard’s Story

A steady hand patiently waits for the right moment. With everything in focus he releases his grip on the trigger and instantly watches the enormous buck fall to the ground. He smiles and is grateful to be enjoying his hobby again. His name is Leonard and he is a cancer survivor.

Leonard Jazdzewski survived a battle with kidney cancer 20 years ago. Unfortunately, Leonard was recently diagnosed with multiple tumors in his brain. The staff at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield held Leonard’s hand throughout his entire experience and clearly explained the Gamma Knife procedure that was necessary to remove the tumors. He recalls the staff being extremely supportive and talking him through the steps of the procedure.

Leonard’s last cancer treatment with the Ministry staff was a year ago and his last checkup was two months ago. He is currently feeling better than ever and confident he will soon receive the news that he is cancer-free.

Leonard has never let cancer get in the way of being happy. He loves hunting and spending time with his grandchildren and is happy to say his 10-year-old grandson recently shot his first buck. And with the team at Ministry by his side, he’s confident that soon he’ll be just as happy to say he’s in good health.

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