Healthy Hunting

Michelle’s story

It’s 350 lbs of raw animal instinct. Bringing one down takes a keen eye, a little bit of practice, and a lot of patience. Hunting bear has always been a special time Michelle takes for herself. And when it came to her personal health, she was glad she had a nurse practitioner who was willing to take a little time for her too.

Michelle remembers first bringing up what she thought were pre-menopausal symptoms at her annual exam. She was told to monitor the situation and after some time she began having isolated pain in the left portion of her pelvis.

As the pain persisted, Michelle then met with her nurse practitioner, Becky Fix to discuss everything in detail. Becky recommended both an ultrasound and an endometrial biopsy. Although the ultrasound revealed nothing suspicious, the biopsy revealed what turned out to be cancer. Becky also took every step necessary to make sure Michelle was set up with the right care to treat the cancer.

Since having surgery to remove the cancer, Michelle is going for 6-month check-ups and is currently cancer-free. She says she owes her life to Becky and her thorough approach. Michelle takes life into her own hands any time she goes out to hunt a wild bear, but when it counted most, she was thankful to put her life in the hands of someone who cares as much as Becky.

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