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Linda’s story

A boat drifts peacefully on the lake. A woman stands outside her cabin door, takes a deep breath of the fresh air and sighs. Her name is Linda and she had robotic surgery.

Linda had been experiencing pain for quite some time. After visiting with a Marshfield Clinic doctor on staff at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston and discussing her options, she decided on robotic surgery. Linda found the robotic option most appealing because of the shorter recovery and minimal scarring.

Linda spent 24 hours in the hospital after her procedure and returned home a little tired but with just four small incisions. After a short period of time, any pain she had was gone and in just a few months the incisions were no longer visible.

Linda couldn’t believe how fast the surgery came and went. She feels great now and would recommend the robotic procedure to anyone exploring their surgery options.

Today, when Linda’s relaxing by the lake outside her cabin in Tomahawk, she fondly remembers just how relaxed she felt when she made the decision to have robotic surgery.

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