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The Suchy triplet's story

A woman kneels in the dirt watching her boys Adam, Logan and Timothy help pull weeds. It’s a good year for the garden and she is happy to see the excitement on their faces. This woman’s name is Tamara, and a few years ago, she had triplets.

Tamara remembers how nervous she was when her triplets had to be delivered by emergency C-section at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Marshfield. Born at just 24 weeks, the three boys weighed little more than a pound each.

Premature as they were, the boys needed varying degrees of immediate medical attention for issues such as pneumonia, blood infection, and brain breach. Tamara remembers the Ministry staff keeping her confident throughout the process, keeping a positive attitude and updating her throughout. After 3 months recovery in the hospital, the boys were able to go home and have been doing great ever since.

And today as Tamara looks at all the life blossoming around her, she remembers the day when a few very important lives came into her world. She always enjoys getting out into the garden, but never as much as when she has three little helpers at her side.

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