Major trauma, major recovery

Peter McCulloch’s story

He sits serenely in the middle of the lake, alongside his father, two adults sharing a quiet conversation about fishing. This man’s name is Peter McCulloch, and not long ago his life was in danger.

Peter barely recalls the day he fell 13 feet through a ceiling, endangering his life and causing a laundry list of serious injuries. At the time of the incident, Peter was rushed to the emergency room and ultimately spent 15 days in the Intensive care unit, 13 of which he was sedated.

When he was aware of his surroundings again, he learned that he had suffered 13 broken ribs, head trauma, a spleen injury, broken fingers, and a collapsed lung. He also learned that, while unconscious, his family and friends were constantly updated on his progress and the steps being taken to care for his injuries.

Peter lauds the staff at the Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital Level II Trauma Center for their approach with both he and his family. From his initial treatment all the way through his recovery process, he says the team was outstanding medically and personally.

So on this day as Peter sits quietly with his father, a long way removed from ambulance sirens, surgical lights, and high tech medical equipment, he is able to appreciate what he has been given. He is not just alive – he is living life.

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