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Brittney’s Story

Underneath the roar of the engines a woman’s voice can be heard cheering on the race. Her smile widens as her husband takes the lead. She is just as much a part of the race as those riding the motorcycles. Her name is Brittney and she recently gave birth to a strong and healthy baby girl.

On Friday, June 12th at 1 p.m., Brittney walked in to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston with contractions. Brittney fondly remembers the supporting words from a team of nurses transition to the sound of a newborn’s cry. Denise was by Brittney’s side throughout 14 hours of labor. Surrounded by encouragement, Brittney’s birthing experience was as smooth a ride as she could have hoped.

Today Brittney continues to cheer on the revving engine of her husband’s bike, but now with the help of their daughter, Reese. When she looks down at the smiling face of the little one in her arms Brittney recalls her own ride to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital—the place where it all began.

Brittney has a feeling Reese just might be in the race herself one day, surrounded by a team of supporters just as amazing as the ones who were there when she took her first breath.

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