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Ashley and Dr. Fatchikov’s story

A woman holds her baby as she watches her older son baiting a hook. The weather is beautiful, and she’s happy to be fishing with her family again. This woman’s name is Ashley, and recently she had a healthy baby boy.

Ministry Medical Group Obstetrician Dr. Fatchikov explained all of the circumstances and risks involved with induced labor. With his help Ashley says she knew exactly what to expect, and was able to make informed decisions about her birth. Once she was induced, the delivery at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital in Stevens Point went fairly quickly – 8 hours in all. The nurses all helped her with reassurance and comforting techniques through the whole process like walking, using the birthing ball, and sitting in the birthing tub. Ashley says that the outstanding staff made all the difference in a really positive experience.

And today, looking out on a beautiful lake with two happy, healthy boys, she can barely remember life before them. She says she will always be thankful for her great doctor, and for her terrific little boy. To her, they’re definitely both “keepers.”

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