Losing streak

Elliot’s Story

A man sits on his snowmobile, arms extended, gripping the handle bar. He scans the competition and revs the throttle. Today is going to be a good race. This man’s name is Scott Elliot and he has lost over 60 lbs.

At 318 lbs, Scott recalls being very frustrated with his weight and deciding to enroll in Ministry Health Care’s HMR® weight management program in Rhinelander. He soon began attending weight management meetings and learning new lifestyle habits.

Eventually Scott lost over 60 pounds. He attributes his meetings along with portion control, calorie counting and lifestyle education to getting him to where he is today. He also checks in with his doctor on a regular basis to report his progress and track health issues such as blood pressure.

Today, as Scott sits on his snowmobile, ready for another big race, his spirits have never been higher. Through this whole process he has lost plenty of weight, but gained control of his life. And when it comes to his lap times on the track – let’s just say Scott’s weight isn’t the only thing that’s gone down.

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