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Nikki’s story

The sound of a drill echoes as a woman places the final piece of plywood on her latest woodworking creation. A sense of excitement takes over as she thinks about the memories that will be made on the rocking scooter. Her name is Nikki, and she recently delivered healthy twin girls.

Nikki struggled conceiving her first daughter Mia, now 2 years old, so naturally the news that she was once again pregnant came as a surprise. It wasn’t until her 21-week ultrasound at Ministry Saint Michael’s in Stevens Point that Nikki was given even bigger news—she was going to have twins.

On a Wednesday afternoon Nikki went to Ministry Saint Michael’s for a precautionary non-stress test. Upon returning to her room Doctor Keegan informed Nikki, that despite not going into labor, she was going to be delivering the babies that day.

Both Zoey and Kenzie were born healthy, and Nikki quickly learned how exhausting it was feeding two babies. After going nearly 20 hours without sleep and cluster feeding, Nikki fondly remembers being rescued by her nurse, Emma. Nikki regards Emma as a godsend allowing her to sleep for a few hours while Emma fed the babies.

Today Nikki happily has her hands full with Mia, Zoey and Kenzie. One day Nikki hopes to build furniture with her daughters, but in the meantime she’s focused on building memories that will last forever.

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