Operation: Perfect strike

Dr. Hayward and Bob’s story

A doctor converses casually with a man about his winning strike at league night. The man can’t help but smile – he’s got his form back. This man’s name is Bob Rogus, and he had hernia surgery.

Bob has been an active bowler since 1974, competing in leagues and keeping his average around 202. Unfortunately, Bob began having abdominal pain that was later diagnosed as a hernia. Bob consulted with Sharon Hayward, MD at Ministry’s Victory Medical Group in Stanley and decided to have surgery.

Bob’s operation was performed through his belly button and took about 90 minutes. He says he was well-informed every step of the way, and everyone at the hospital went out of their way to make him comfortable. He said the entire staff even signed a get well card for him which he received shortly after his operation.

Today, as Dr. Hayward chats with him about his big game, he thinks about what it means for Bob to be healthy again. His work didn’t just get Bob back to enjoying a game, it got him back to enjoying life.

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