Operation: Right on target

Michael’s story

A man’s steady hand grips his rifle and focuses on the bull’s-eye in the distance. A booming noise sounds off and he smiles at the whole in the center of the target. This man’s name is Michael and he had surgery and rehabilitation at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center.

Michael had been experiencing problems with his knees for many years. Recently, when the pain in his knee got so bad he went in for x-rays and they showed arthritis in his knee. To eliminate the bone on bone pain, the best option was a full knee replacement.

Michael experienced little pain after surgery and began moving his leg in therapy the very next day. He remembers the care from the nurses as the best he’s ever had, and found them extremely comforting throughout his stay. With his new knee Michael is able to walk and experiences significantly less pain than before surgery.

No longer distracted by knee pain, it’s easier than ever for Michael to focus on the bull’s-eye, and although he enjoys seeing the instant results of target shooting, he’s even happier seeing the results of his surgery and rehabilitation.

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