Outdoor Survival

Bobbi’s story

A woman sits peacefully with her family outside their camper. She takes in the fresh air as she watches her son toast a marshmallow. She is back in the place she loves most of all. This woman’s name is Bobbi, and she is a breast cancer survivor.

During a self-diagnosis, Bobbi noticed a lump in her breast and immediately consulted with a physician’s assistant. A mammogram suggested breast cancer. By the end of the week, Bobbi underwent a lumpectomy to remove the mass.

Once the incision healed, Bobbi began chemotherapy starting with three times a week and progressing to once a week. Finally, she was given radiation once a month until February of 2010 at which point she was deemed cancer-free.

And now, as Bobbi sits quietly taking it all in, she is reminded of that first fateful week when she put her future in the hands of others. It was their swift and immediate response that allows her to sit and enjoy the peace she is surrounded by today.

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