Pain free. Pantry full.

Dr. Sikka and Marcia’s story

A doctor listens to a woman speak passionately about her food pantry. She talks about her commitment and what inspires her to keep doing it. This woman’s name is Marcia Gunderson, and she’s no longer in pain.

Marcia was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital James Beck Cancer Center. After receiving treatment, she developed a rash on her forehead, which began to spread. She went to Urgent Care at Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital and was diagnosed with shingles.

Along with the shingles, she was experiencing pain throughout her body which was diagnosed as, “post-herpetic syndrome,” resulting from her cancer treatments. She was then referred to Girkirpal Sikka, MD, a pain management specialist.

Dr. Sikka administered a series of nerve blocks to help with Marcia’s shingle pain. Soon, Marcia was feeling healthy again, and was able to get back to her normal activities. She is grateful to Dr. Sikka for his patience and for finding a treatment that worked for her.

Today, as Dr. Sikka listens to Marcia’s inspiring words, he is proud to have been a part of something bigger. He thinks about all that Marcia has overcome, and about all that she is helping others overcome.

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