Patience put first

Savannah and Dr. Groos’ story

A little girl stands in the outfield waiting for the next ball to be hit. She loves to be out on the field playing t-ball with her friends and today is no exception. This girl's name is Savannah and she has a doctor who really listens.

Savannah sees Ministry Medical Group pediatrician Jeanette Groos, MD, for her annual checkups and Savannah’s mother is extremely impressed with Dr. Groos' approach. She noted that Savannah is a shy girl, but Dr. Groos really takes her time, allowing Savannah to get comfortable and speaking on her level.

Savannah's mom also appreciates how well-informed Dr. Gross keeps both of them. Throughout their visits, mother and daughter are always made to understand everything that's happening. This is particularly helpful in putting Savannah at ease.

And today, as Savannah stands with her glove at the ready, she remembers what her coach said about patience. It’s an important virtue – one her doctor knows a little something about.

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