Personalized Care for Jeff

Dr. Dichsen and Jeff's Story

A man stands at the top of a mountain, gazing at the incredible view below. It’s been a hard climb, but he smiles with satisfaction at his accomplishment. This man’s name is Jeff Theiler and he recovered from heart surgery.

Jeff puts a lot of faith in Dr. Dichsen and his staff at Ministry Medical Group in Tomahawk. According to him, they’ve always been not only personable, but very thorough as well, keeping him up to date on medications and screenings. This was never more important than the day he had a stress test that revealed a dangerous blockage. Jeff was immediately put in a helicopter and rushed in for heart surgery.

He went through cardio rehab, biking and walking to get back up to speed, eventually feeling like himself again. Jeff felt so good in fact, that he decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his brother. He worked with Dr. Dichsen to get into shape and to monitor his health along the way and eventually made a successful climb.

So today, as Jeff stands at the top of this mountain, looking at what he has just accomplished, he realizes he has overcome more than just elevation. For Jeff, his biggest mountain was conquered before he ever got to Kilimanjaro.

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