Personalized Care for Kaylie

Dr. Rave and Kaylie's Story

A girl runs as fast as she can to catch up to her sister who has headed for the back yard. It’s another game of tag and she is “it”. This girl’s name is Kaylie and she has a doctor who goes the extra mile.

Kaylie and her sister have always enjoyed going to see Dr. Rave at Ministry Medical Group in Stevens Point for checkups. They’ve commented on how “nice” she is and how they like the way she lets them ask questions and takes an interest in what they want to talk about.

One instance that impressed Natalie, their mom, was the evening Dr. Rave ran into the family at a community event. Kaylie was experiencing extreme discomfort in her ears and throat and was visibly upset. Dr. Rave decided to have the family come into the clinic so she could examine Kaylie, even though it was after hours. Natalie says that Dr. Rave always gives the girls very comprehensive care, making sure they are up to date on all of their checkups and vaccinations, but what really impressed her was the extra effort to make sure Kaylie was ok regardless of schedule.

So as Kaylie and her sister run around the yard playing tag, they are able to enjoy the nice weather without any worries. Most importantly, their whole family can rest assured knowing that their health is in good hands - Dr. Rave’s.

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