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Kenneth and Samantha’s story

A woman stands on the sideline, pacing back and forth and cheering her soccer players on. This woman’s name is Samantha Anderson, and a short time ago, she had her appendix removed.

Samantha describes the feeling she had as flu-like, but after a couple of days the pain became much worse, Sam ended up at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center to have her pain diagnosed.

At the hospital Sam was seen by Ministry Medical Group emergency physician Ken Sullivan, MD, who listened to her concerns and determined she had appendicitis. Surgery was immediately performed to remove her appendix. Samantha spoke of how she was well informed throughout the process and felt an active participant in her care. She compliments Dr. Sullivan on his personal approach and calm, knowledgeable demeanor.

So now, as she looks at the field before her, proud of the players she mentors, she is happy to be back – back to life, back to the soccer field.

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