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Dr. Perry and Lana’s story

A woman stands in the doctor’s office lobby with a pan of brownies in her hands. The smell wafts through the office and her doctor knows just who has arrived. This woman’s name is Lana Palubicki and she loves her doctor.

Lana enjoys baking more than anything else, especially when it’s for people she knows well. Rebecca Perry, MD, and her office at Ministry Medical Group in Crandon fit into that category quite well, since Lana has been going there for more than 30 years.

It’s no surprise then, that Lana is always finding new recipes to try out on the folks in the office. Lana says it’s just her way of paying them back for being such wonderful people.

So as Dr. Perry walks toward the lobby enjoying the smell of fresh baked brownies, she doesn’t need to check the list of appointments to know who she’ll be seeing next. And to Lana, putting this personal touch on a visit is just one more in a long line of kindnesses returned.

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