Rising to the challenge

A woman stands at the finish line, exhausted. She is breathing hard, but her head is held high, because she has just finished another triathlon. This woman’s name is Deb, and just a few months ago, she broke her pelvis.

On July 3rd, Deb was biking with her husband Bill on a paved trail between Crystal Lake and Boulder Junction. As they rode, Bill bent down to put his water bottle back in his bike rack and dropped it. Deb’s tire hit the water bottle and she flipped violently to the ground.

As Deb lay there in significant pain with Bill trying to help her and decide what to do, a group came riding up behind them. Amazingly, the group was a specialist Deb had seen in the past – Ministry Medical Group orthopedic surgeonTodd Williams, M.D. – and his family.

Williams checked Deb out, and decided she would be ok to hobble to a nearby road where her daughter could pick her up. Deb later had X-rays at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital in Stevens Point, revealing a fractured pelvis, and began rehab.

And today as Deb stands at the finish line she thinks back to that fateful day when she lay there in pain. To be in good hands that day was a great relief, but to be at the finish line a few months later was an even greater triumph.


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