Rolling with the changes

David and Bonnie review health insurance options

The government was explaining it. The media was discussing it. And Bonnie Hill was affected by it.

“It” was the new Medicare coverage changes taking effect in 2011. But understanding the real-world implications was complicated, to say the least.

The Medicare changes are significant to many patients. That’s when Bonnie turned to her family practice physician, Ministry Medical Group’s David Lange, MD, to help her make the right choices.

Dr. Lange took the time to explain how the new Medicare regulations would specifically affect her. For example, Bonnie learned that co-pays will be eliminated for certain preventive services, and that Medicare will now pay for annual wellness exams.

So now Bonnie knows just exactly how the Medicare changes apply to her. But in her experience with Dr. Lange, she learned more than just details about Medicare. She learned she has a doctor who really cares.

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