Seamless Operation

Christine’s story

Assorted materials are stretched all over the living room. A woman thoughtfully gazes at the material before making a pattern of squares and begins to sew. This woman’s name is Christine and she had single-incision robot-assisted surgery.

After experiencing prolonged stomach pain, Christine Luebbon went to see her doctor. Christine had been vomiting, lost her appetite and was in tremendous pain when she was told she needed to have her gallbladder removed. After speaking with others who had traditional surgery, Christine chose to have the single-incision robot-assisted surgery available at Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff. She was able to have her surgery only two days after being placed on the waiting list.

Thanks to the robotic technology, Christine had a wonderful experience. She was only in recovery for one hour after surgery, was never in any pain, and left the hospital with a very small incision.

Since having her gallbladder removed Christine feels great, is healthier, and happier. And now that she’s back to her passion for sewing, Christine can fully enjoy the comfort of her quilts without any discomfort from stomach pain.

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