Small Talk

Jackson and Dr. Locher’s story

A boy sits atop a BMX bike, ready to attack the next hill. His mom is watching from behind, and she smiles. Her son is in his element. This boy’s name is Jackson and he loves going to see his doctor.

Jackson has always had wonderful experiences going to see Stevens Point Ministry Medical Group Pediatrician Ralph Locher, MD, and his staff for checkups. Dr. Locher is sure to make Jackson comfortable at the beginning of each visit, asking him questions about his interests including his BMX bike.

According to Jackson’s mother, what really sets Dr. Locher apart is that he includes his young patient in the conversation, not just asking him questions, but also addressing him directly and letting him know exactly what’s happening during each visit.

One technique that really impressed Jackson’s mother is the way the nurses artfully distract the kids when administering shots. By asking them to do things like wiggle there toes during the shot, the kids are able to keep their minds off the fear of the needle.

And so as Jackson sits at the top of the hill ready to roll down, his mother beams with pride. She is thankful to have a healthy little boy, and a doctor who helps keep him that way.

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