Small blessings

Jenny’s story

A woman pushes her double-stroller through the mall, stopping at her favorite place for children’s clothes. There’s a sale today and she knows just the outfits she is going to get. This woman’s name is Jenny Podeweltz and her twins were born at 27 weeks.

Jenny was told by her doctors at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Marshfield that since it was her first pregnancy, and she was having twins, she was considered “high risk.” She was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks where she stayed until her water broke at 27 weeks.

Jenny was given an emergency C-section and her daughters Isabelle and Delana were born. Both babies were very tiny at birth and were consequently incubated in the NICU, put on ventilators and connected to feeding tubes.
According to Jenny, not only did the staff do an incredible job taking care of her girls, they were also wonderful with Jenny and her family, keeping them updated and aware of every aspect of the girls care.

And so now as Jenny walks into one of her favorite stores, her twins close at hand, she can’t help but be thankful. She couldn’t be more blessed. And for Jenny, that’s something to be twice as thankful for.

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