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Ali’s story

A girl sits at the piano, getting set to play. This is her favorite song and she has rehearsed diligently to get it just right. This girl’s name is Ali, and she was born with hearing loss.

When Ali was screened as a newborn, it was determined she needed further testing. After further analysis, it was determined she had hearing loss and was fitted with hearing aids. As Ali got older and further testing was performed, it became more clear that what she was dealing with was a sensorineural form of hearing loss.

Between her parents and audiologist, Karen Teter, AuD, at Ministry Medical Group in Rhinelander, they were able to stay on top of her hearing needs to prevent any major roadblocks in her reading or speech development. She has been fitted with several updated hearing aids over the years and also uses an FM transmitter style that allows her teachers to wear a microphone that aids Ali in hearing more clearly in school.

So as Ali sits at the piano today, her hands poised to play, she can’t wait to hear the notes come together. For Ali, life without sound isn’t something she’s ever had to face, and that’s truly a beautiful thing.

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