Shoulder surgery done, swimming again

Lindsey and Dr. Hollis’ story

A woman stands at the edge of the pool, poised to enter the water. It’s a place she knows well, and today she can’t wait to dive in. This is Lindsey Googins and both of her shoulders were surgically repaired.

Lindsey loves the water and has been a swimmer since she was 13 years old. As she matured and improved in skill, she discovered she had a natural gift for the sport, making it all the way to the Minnesota State Championship in high school.

By the time Lindsey reached college she began experiencing pain caused by the looseness of her shoulder joint. Ironically, this flexibility was once an asset to her swimming, but over time had become a problem.

After many years of increased pain, and multiple unsuccessful surgeries, Lindsey had come to the end of her rope. In one last attempt to repair her shoulders, she consulted Ron Hollis, MD, a Ministry Medical Group orthopedic surgeon in Stevens Point who recommended a capsular shift surgery that included extensive rehab. Dr. Hollis brought his skill and positive attitude to bear, helping Lindsey regain the use of her shoulders and alleviate her pain.

Today, as Lindsey looks into the pool with anticipation, she has a renewed sense of confidence. Not only does she feel good about swimming again, but also about life.

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