Teddy bears and tongue depressors

Dylin and Cheryl’s story

A nurse practitioner watches as a little girl pours tea for her teddy bear. The girl explains proper tea party etiquette and holds out another cup which she gladly accepts. This girl’s name is Dylin, and she loves going to get a checkup.

Like most little girls, Dylin is a big fan of dress-up, especially when it comes to tea parties. She has an elaborate tea set that accommodates all of her stuffed animals and dolls.

One of her favorite people to share her tea party stories with is Cheryl Mabry, FNP. Every time Dylin goes in for a checkup, Cheryl asks her about her stuffed animals and her dolls. And for Dylin, going to the doctor’s office becomes less about sitting through standard checkup procedures and more about going to visit her friend Cheryl.

So as she watches this little girl play with her tea set, opening up part of her world to her, Cheryl feels a small sense of honor. Not only is she getting the chance to help a little girl stay healthy, she’s getting an exclusive invitation to a very special tea party.

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