The mom vs the meniscus

Jennie and Dr. Haemmerle’s story

As her doctor listens closely, a mom speaks glowingly about her children. She talks about their love of sports and how much she enjoys playing in the back yard with them. This woman’s name is Jennie Harris, and not long ago, she had major knee surgery.

Jennie recounts the moment her knee gave out. She was playing a game of backyard football with her husband and her kids. As she leaped up for a jump ball, she came down in an awkward position and immediately knew something very bad had happened to her knee.

After consulting with Ministry Medical Group Orthopedic Surgeon Marcus Haemmerle, MD, Jennie discovered that she had injured her ACL, MCL, and Meniscus, a combination often referred to as the “unhappy triad.” According to Jennie, Dr. Haemmerle was upbeat and positive throughout the entire experience from diagnosis to post-surgery rehab. His reassuring tone and personable approach put Jennie at ease and gave her the confidence she needed.

And now, as Dr. Haemmerle listens to this woman speak, he takes pride in knowing that he made a difference. His work helped a woman get back on her feet. But more importantly, it helps a mom get back to playing with her kids.

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