The Most Important Catch

James’s Story

Everything is quiet except the sound of a relaxing sigh. Suddenly, a man feels a tug in his hand and eagerly reels the perch onto his boat. His name is James and he is winning his battle with cancer.

Due to a history of prostate and lung cancer, James Sullivan attends medical checkups diligently. After a recent visit, James was re-diagnosed with prostate cancer. Dr. Weiss walked James through treatment options at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield where he decided on radiation two times a week for two weeks. James experienced zero pain and zero side effects and even recalls the staff enhancing his experience with a warm blanket during treatment. He is grateful the staff caught the cancer allowing him to begin treatment immediately.

James understands the significance of frequent checkups in order to detect cancer early on. He even donates his time to drive patients in Mercer to their hospital appointments.

Today, James finds comfort in the hands of the team at Ministry Saint Joseph’s and in his favorite hobby. He often thinks about the team at Ministry while fishing, extremely grateful for the catch they made that saved his life.

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