Princess Olive gets vaccinated

Olive and Dr. Gaulke’s story

A little girl stands in the doorway of the of the doctor’s office smiling, a wand in hand and a princess crown prominent on her head. This girl’s name is Olive and she is about to get her flu vaccination.

Olive loves princesses, fairies, and anything to do with dressing up. She loves going to visit Mark Gaulke, MD, of Ministry Medical Group in Merrill because he takes the time to ask her about all of those things. Olive is happy to explain all the rules of being a fairy princess and even sharing one or two magic spells.

So as she stands at the door, ready to get her flu shot, Olive doesn’t see a big scary doctor, she sees her friend. And she knows that even though he doesn’t have a glittery wand, he does a pretty good job of keeping her healthy, and that’s pretty magical in itself.

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