The future is clear

Kay and Dr. Simons' story

Kay Burroughs has her sights set on the future – but her vision was getting in the way.

The UW-Stevens Point student is studying to become an English teacher, but was having trouble seeing the material she needed to learn. She would switch between glasses and contacts, which was less than ideal. The contacts dried her eyes out, and the switching back and forth gave her headaches. She experienced a lot of eye strain.

Her mom and brother both had lasek surgery to correct their vision, and both were very happy with the surgery. Kay thought it would be great to just be able to wake up in the morning and see what was around her.

At a routine eye exam, she asked her doctor, Shiloh Simons, DO, a Ministry Medical Group ophthalmologist in Stevens Point, about lasek. Dr. Simons reviewed her chart and said she would be a good candidate for the procedure and provided her with all of the background educational material.

Kay had the procedure in January 2014 during her winter break from school. She was nervous about the surgery, but she the staff made her feel comfortable and reassured her with their competence. After what seemed like only a few minutes, it was over.

Kay noticed an improvement in her vision already the next day – and every day it got a little better. Today she has 20/20 vision and says that she sees better than she ever did – even with her glasses or contacts. She no longer needs any correction.

For this aspiring teacher, the future is clear.

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