The hip and the iron horse

Dr. Pendleton and Debra’s story

A doctor sits and listens as a woman describes the thrill of riding her Harley Davidson. From her expression, it’s clear that she is getting the most out of the riding experience. This woman’s name is Debra Stichmann, and she found a way to manage her hip pain.

Riding her motorcycle is one of Debra’s favorite things in life. Hitting the open road with the wind blowing in your face, she says is a thrill that can’t be compared with anything else. So when Debra’s hip and back pain began to put a damper on her enjoyment, she decided to get help.

Dionna Pendleton, MD, a primary care physician at Ministry Medical Group in Merrill, told Debra that she had arthritis in her back and osteoporosis in her hip. Through pain management therapy, Debra has been able to minimize the pain and get back to riding her Harley. She’s even thinking about a trip to Sturgis in the near future.

So as Dr. Pendleton takes in Debra’s description of her latest ride, she gets an extra sense of gratification for the work she has done. Not only is Debra feeling better standing on her own two feet, she’s feeling a whole lot better on her own two wheels.

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