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A man sits, looking purposefully at a map of the Appalachian Trail. As he scans the information, a smile comes across his face knowing where he’ll be next year. This man’s name is Ron Cortte, MD, and not long ago he lost 45 pounds.

Dr. Cortte is a Ministry Medical Group family medicine physician practicing in Tomahawk. He spends much of his time helping patients make healthy decisions about their lives, but recently Dr. Cortte decided he needed to reevaluate the lifestyle decisions he was making in his own life.

Dr. Cortte had high blood pressure and knew he had to lose weight. Concerned that he would struggle to follow through, he signed up for a Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital weight loss program called HMR.

With the help of a support group, diet program, meal replacements and lifestyle guidelines, Dr. Cortte lost 45 pounds, dropped his cholesterol 125 points, and lowered his blood pressure.

So as he sits and contemplates the long hiking trail he plans to face, Dr. Cortte has reason to smile. He may be faced with plenty of mountains next year, but he’s already conquered the hardest one of his life.

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