The sound of music

Debbie and Karen's story

A Ministry Medical Group audiologist sits quietly as her patient tells her excitedly about her experience playing organ in church. She can see in her patient’s face a renewed sense of joy. This woman’s name is Debbie Blaubach, and she recently got hearing aids.

For years Debbie struggled with her hearing loss, using half shell hearing aids that echoed and clanged in her ears. After having bad experiences with previous aids and wanting to hear better for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, Debbie decided to try a new open-style hearing aid recommended by her audiologist, Karen Teter of Ministry Medical Group in Rhinelander.

After using the new aid Karen couldn’t believe the difference, not just in sound quality, but also in how discrete the aids were. She says other people barely notice she has them in and best of all, when Karen plays organ in church, she can hear everyone clearly.

So today, as Karen listens to her patient’s excitement, she knows that she has given her more than advice on a hearing aid. She has given Debbie and her church the gift of beautiful music.

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