Overcoming cancer at age 4

Drew and Bob’s story

A young boy peeks his head out through the opening. This is his best fort yet, and he smiles with pride. This boy’s name is Drew Myers and when he was four years old, he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Drew’s mom recalls the fear he initially had when beginning his treatment at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Marshfield. First, he underwent surgery to remove the brain tumor. A port was then installed to allow for radiation treatment. It was at this time that Drew met his radiation oncology nurse, Bob Graham. Bob spent many hours with Drew while he underwent MRIs and CAT scans to monitor the radiation’s effects. The two quickly formed a close friendship, as Drew underwent treatment every day for six weeks after his surgery.

Bob helped make Drew’s world as fun and enjoyable as possible during his stay at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s. The two played adapted games of baseball and bowling, enjoyed in-depth games of hide-and-seek and built forts in Drew’s room. During Drew’s treatment, Bob even coordinated a large surprise birthday celebration for Drew and his twin sister.

Bob recently retired, and now as he reflects on this proud little boy who builds forts, Bob sees far more than just a patient, he sees a person, and a friend – just as he did from his first treatment.

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