Cancer survivor says “thanks” with handiwork

Dr. Cattau and Fred’s story

A doctor studies the intricate carvings in a small wooden figurine. He looks over with admiration to the man who carved it. The man smiles as if to say “Thank you.” This man’s name is Fred Timm, and he’s a cancer survivor.

Fred is passionate about his wood carvings. For years he has been active carving Santa Claus figurines and other knick knacks for his grandchildren. Fred uses basswood from his own property as the material for his carvings and does all the work with a well-worn pocket knife.

He has come to appreciate being able to do his wood carvings since his battle with prostate cancer. Fred can’t say enough about the caring approach David Cattau, MD, and his staff at Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital James Beck Cancer Center took during his treatments. He is forever grateful for their treatment and for the relationships he made along the way.

So today, as Dr. Cattau admires the marks Fred has made on this detailed figurine, Fred looks back with his own sense of admiration – for the mark Dr. Cattau has made on his life.

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