Vision of grandeur

Thomas and Carrie’s story

A woman fastens the regulator to her dive cylinder, secures her mask and mouthpiece, and slips into the water. The beautiful waters of Belize are more vivid than ever. This woman’s name is Carrie Butt, and a year ago she got a new view of the world.

Carrie owns a local scuba and kayak shop in Stevens Point. She and her husband are constantly out on the water, teaching kayak and scuba lessons and taking adventurous excursions throughout the year, traveling to exotic places for dives. But Carrie was dealing with vision challenges from irritation and lost contacts – hindering her enjoyment of the water as well as her lessons.

Carrie went to Ministry Medical Group ophthalmologist Tom O’Malley, MD, in the summer of 2010. After a detailed examination, he determined that LASEK was the best option for Carrie. Dr. O’Malley walked her through the entire process, answering all of her questions and reassuring her along the way. After the procedure Carrie spent about a week at home, fully recovering from the surgery and gaining the perfect vision she enjoys today.

And now, as her eyes scan across the beauty before her, she takes time to appreciate how crisp and clear it is. And she takes time to appreciate the help of her newest scuba student– Dr. O’Malley.

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