Wheels Keep on Turning

Bill’s story

A flash of green zooms down the open road, demanding the attention of every passerby. Exhilaration fills the man behind the wheel as he cruises around town in his 2013 Boss 302 Mustang. His name is Bill and he is a cancer survivor.

Bill was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, at the VA Hospital in Madison. After learning his options, he decided to undergo treatment at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield. Bill discussed treatments with Dr. McCurdy and ultimately decided upon brachytherapy and radiation. Bill had surgery on March 1 and continued with radiation everyday for the following 5 weeks. He read books throughout his 20-minute treatments and was given an epidural to numb any pain. He fondly recalls the staff treating him like family throughout the process.

Bill is currently in the recovery process, getting better every day and is almost back to feeling 100%. He was extremely happy with the staff at Ministry and appreciated making conversation and joking around with them. He is confident he’ll be cancer-free at his next checkup, and until then has been fully enjoying life in the fast lane. Every time Bill takes his hot rod out for a ride, he’s thankful for the staff at Ministry who have been beside him on the most important ride of his life.

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