Wholesome Beginnings

Emily’s Story

Surrounded by fresh vegetables, a basil plant stands tall and plentiful. As the smell permeates the air, a woman gets closer and plucks the leaves in preparation for tonight’s meal. Her name is Emily and she recently gave birth to her first child, Olivia.

Emily spends a great amount of time preparing natural and healthy meals straight from her garden—she was no different when it came to preparing for her daughter's arrival. Emily attended every birthing and parenting class offered by Ministry Health Care throughout her pregnancy.

At 6:30 a.m. on March 10th the contractions came. Emily checked in to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston with an open mind about her birth plan. She recalls how amazing the staff was in supporting her decision to forgo an epidural and their helpful suggestions in order to make her more comfortable. She found the birthing tub quite relaxing towards the end of her labor. When feeling nostalgic, Emily looks back on the photos from that day at Ministry Saint Clare's and the wonderful nurses who captured the very first moment of Olivia’s life.

When Emily finds a free moment, she’s back in her garden harvesting the vegetables used to make Olivia’s baby food. Emily’s thrilled to now spend her days tending to Olivia, watching her grow stronger and healthier each day.

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