Wings For Marcus

This is a special four part series about Marcus Marks a young boy who suffered a severe head injury. A comprehensive level of care was delivered starting with his arrival in the Emergency Department at Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital all the way through to the area's only definitive care for pediatric trauma, Ministry Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital in Marshfield.

Comprehensive trauma care saves a baby’s life

Marcus' Story Part 1 (read more)

On a hot July day, Michelle Marks reflected on the anniversary of her youngest son’s accident – July 28, 2011 – that day, Marcus, who was 6 months old at the time, was airlifted to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield. She watches her spirited toddler run up and down the driveway between his older siblings, Meaghan and Michael, at their house in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. Marcus hears a small plane fly overhead. He points up at the sky, pacifier in his mouth, pausing only for a few seconds before running in the direction of the plane. “Isn’t that something?” Michelle says grinning at the curious boy.

Critical Care Part 2 (read more)

Twenty-five minutes later, they pulled up to the emergency room at Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital. Marcus was limp, white as a ghost and fairly unresponsive. Roderick Brodhead, MD, Ministry Howard Young Health Care director of emergency services and emergency department physician, treated Marcus at Ministry Eagle River Memorial. He immediately ordered a CT scan of Marcus’ head. “I was fearful of one of the most serious, critical and dreaded diagnoses in emergency medicine,” Dr. Brodhead remembers.

Matter of Life and Death Part 3 (read more)

The only treatment option for Marcus was the surgical removal of the collection of blood. Dr. Brodhead called his emergency medicine associate at Ministry Saint Joseph’s in Marshfield, who conferred with Sanjay Rao, MD, a Marshfield Clinic pediatric neurosurgeon on staff at Ministry Saint Joseph’s. The three doctors discussed the CT scan. Just 20 minutes after Marcus’ arrival at Ministry Eagle River Memorial, the Spirit Air 2 crew arrived to assist the emergency department team.

Road To Recovery Part 4 (read more)

Michelle, along with her daughter and family friend, were in the car just in time to see the helicopter take off. “Every time I hear or see a helicopter now, my heart skips a beat,” she says. “It was just a normal day, and then suddenly someone is telling you your child is dying.” Within minutes after the helicopter landed, baby Marcus was rushed into the operating room ready for him at Ministry Saint Joseph’s in Marshfield.

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