Matter of Life and Death Part 3 (read more)

The only treatment option for Marcus was the surgical removal of the collection of blood. Dr. Brodhead called his emergency medicine associate at Ministry Saint Joseph’s in Marshfield, who conferred with Sanjay Rao, MD, a Marshfield Clinic pediatric neurosurgeon on staff at Ministry Saint Joseph’s. The three doctors discussed the CT scan. Just 20 minutes after Marcus’ arrival at Ministry Eagle River Memorial, the Spirit Air 2 crew arrived to assist the emergency department team. The helicopter crew first gave Marcus medicine intravenously to ensure he slept throughout the procedure, then inserted a breathing tube. He also was given medication to relieve the pressure on his brain. Dr. Brodhead credits a large part of Marcus’ survival to this. “I accompanied the baby in the ambulance from the hospital to the helipad (at Eagle River Airport),” Dr. Brodhead recounts, choking up. “I turned to the pilot and said, ‘If you ever made this a quick trip, do it now.’” Spirit Air 2 arrived in Marshfield just 47 minutes later, a full 15 minutes earlier than normal.

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