• If SBP>160 or DBP>105 on several occasions in previously normotensive patient, consider antihypertensive agents, such as:
    • Hydralazine: 5 mg IVP, if response inadequate after 20 min, 10 mg IVP. If still not adequate, try a different agent. Effect usually lasts........ (took out some words)
    • Labetolol: 10 mg IVP, if response.......(no change in content, just indent bullet point)
  • MgSO4 for patient with suspected or proven severe preeclampsia. Serum creatinine useful to assure normal renal functrion in this group of patients, since MgSO4 is renally cleared.
  • Refer to MgSO4 order set if needed
  • Betamethasone course


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