Audiology Services In Stevens Point

You can schedule an appointment at our Stevens Point clinic location by calling 715.342.6673. Our address is 824 Illinois Avenue, Stevens Point

Our Team of Professionals Provides the Following Services

■    Diagnostic Hearing Tests for all ages
■    Balance Testing   
■    Communication Counseling
■    Advanced Digital Hearing Aids
■    Tinnitus

Hearing Examinations for All Ages
We see infants, toddlers, teens, and adults of all ages.  Testing ranges from newborn hearing screens through full diagnostic evaluations.

Hearing Aids
We fit hearing aids from several major manufacturers giving us the opportunity to choose what is appropriate for you and your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Repairs
We provide routine service and minor repairs for hearing aids in the office.  Major repairs are sent to the hearing aid manufacturers for service.

Hearing Aid Batteries
We stock all sizes of hearing aid batteries.

Hearing Protection, Swim plugs, Cellphone/MP3 player headsets.
Order custom hearing protection, swim mold or ear pieces for your cell phone and/or MP3 player. We also stock a supply of stock hearing protection and swim molds.

Vestibular Testing
Patient are referred to us by their primary care provider and/or and ENT to further evaluate patients with dizziness or vestibular problems.


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